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Friday, June 30, 2006

Winamp & Streamripper

Na dann. Alot of people asked me about winamp and Streamripper. But why the heck doesnt everyone know about winamp since what... 1998? I'll never understand.

I don't like using MediaPlayer and RealPlayer when it comes to online radio, the players themselves are fine but take RealOne as an example: often you're forced to listen or watch 25s advertising before the stream would begin playing. Quite annoying!

That's why I'm always listening to audio streams presented on Shoutcast with Winamp. Winamp also offers us a very easy (and free) way to record the streamed media with a plugin called Streamripper. Check out the screenshots below if you have problems configuring Streamripper.
Through shoutcast you're able to access over 9000 music streams of every taste. When you enter the site you'll be presented the radio stations with the highest listener count, quite convenient if you're listening to mainstream stuff.
You're into Black Music Specials, Jazz, Brazil Jazz, Lounge Music or whatever? Just type your genre's name into the search box and voilĂ  - a list of stations is presented immediately. Drag the yellow button into your winamp playlist or just klick on it...

Some of my favorite stations include:

Digitally Imported - Chillout - ambient (site)

Digitally Imported - LoungeBlueMars Music for the Space Traveller (site)
Groove Salad (site)
Thaidisconet Morlum
Smooth Jazz (site)

for 80s sound try .997 The 80s Channel (site)

Need help configuring streamripper?

Your Winamp playlists are always a mess?
Winamp's video playback sucks?
Try using these settings

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