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Monday, March 26, 2007

bought the MX 3200

Some thoughts about the Logitech Cordless Desktop MX 3200. I have to mention that I use all my Logitech devices with the uberOptions applied to the original drivers. Most software limitations set by Logitech are simply swept away then.
  • The search&zoom bar is kinda useless. I gave it a try in Photoshop, the web browsers etc. and then there's this annoying beep beep beep everytime you're using it. (update: how to turn the beeps off)
    What else can you do with the zoom bar? Check out the configuration options in the screenshot - you get the idea. All the other buttons around the zoom bar are ok and freely configurable.

  • The "100% button" below? Does exactly what it says - also in Photoshop: simply reverts all views back to 100%, default zoom level or default font size. Quite handy and placed at the right spot on the keyboard.

  • One Touch Search is quite handy too, but I wish they would integrate more sites like answers.com and not just Google, Yahoo, Live.com. (update: see logitech Forum plus here)

  • As with most Logitech cordless mice and keyboards your computer might not enter into standby mode anymore when the MX 3200 receiver is connected, because the powersupply&motherboard combo simply can't deliver enough power to keep the USB-receiver running while in standby or hibernate. The solution is to not allow keyboard and mouse to wake up the Computer. See screenshot on how you can correct the situation. (same for XP).

    Update june 2007 - finally solved this issue - see my posting

  • The tiny display is not backlit and has the functionality of a digital stopwatch back in 1982. The only thing I'll ever use it for is to check out time and date, it doesn't bother me either that it's there though. Design wise it blends nicely into the whole thing.

  • Vista support? The Logitech software won't let you assign hibernate as a shutdown option. Hibernate is Vistas (and also my) default shutdown mode. I also miss the ability to assign "switch user" since it presents another dialog than "lock." But I'm looking forward to see this being implemented in a future release of Setpoint.

  • Didn't figure out yet how to make the VOIP buttons work together with Skype (ver None of the three buttons works so far.
    Update: it works now try this - thx Richard.

  • What my wife absolutely loves about this keyboard is the following: compared to most other keyboards out there, you almost won't hear me typing anymore. No clicking no nothing. Everyhing's smooth but the feeling while you type is still good.

  • BEST OF ALL: the keyboard mouse combo just looks fabulous and blends perfectly into a working space with a black flatscreen. Eye-catcher!

Alltogether I'd say that the MX 3200 is a great set; you get what you'd expect for the money. Also the included mouse is the best one for my liking - especially because it runs with just one battery inserted. (Lefthanders can go for the mx610-lefty)

(for more pictures, try this google image search)

== ~ == ~ == ~ == ~ == ~ == ~ == ~ == ~ == ~ == ~ ==

UPDATE Sep 2009: I can't use the keyboard anymore :-( after 2 yrs I also became a victim of the sticky key issue [google]. A lot of force was required to press some of the keys, so I decided to follow the instructions given in this guide. The result was devastating: all keys now required at least double the force than they used to. All the cleaning to remove the oil didn't bring back the key press feeling from back when I bought the keyboard, so I eventually bought a Microsoft Keyboard - you see - I don't like the currently available Logitech KBs. Aren't they just plain ugly?

But don't get me wrong - the MX3200 was a stunning piece of hardware and worked perfectly 98% of the time! For me the time to switch has come, that's all.

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