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Saturday, December 01, 2007

6-bit or 8-bit LCD?

Most TN panels are very fast switching but only able to produce 262k colors, using dithering to display the 16,7M delivered by the PC. The issue might be important if you're a photographer.
But always keep in mind that the end product - the print - might show much less than even 10k distinguishable colors, so this issue might be overplayed by some geeks.

I suggest reading these articles and comments.
at TFTcentral & Photo.net

huge screen

Why not a 24" display. Bought a Samsung Syncmaster 245b and can't say anything bad about it. The huge resolution of 1920 x 1200 is nothing for gaming in native resolution though, it just requires to much GPU performance. The best about all this is the low price CHF 640.-

Facts: hdcp compliant dvi port, every source is scaled to full screen, no hdmi port, TN panel (fast, 6-bit).

Read a very detailed review here.
(image source)