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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Jacob Blaylock

 "...that would be interstellar"

Mich nervt manchmal, wenn die Medien zu dick auftragen und unterschwellig eine pseudo pazifistische Grundhaltung transportieren wollen.
Doch diese Geschichte auf Spiegel.de geht schon etwas unter die Haut. Ist schon zwei Jahre her, aber das Thema ist eigentlich zeitlos und nicht an irgendeine Nation gebunden. Einigermassen lesenswert.
Fazit: Beziehungsprobleme, Alkohol, Krieg? Zusammen ein beängstigendes Paket.

Von den 175 Rückkehrern der 1451. haben vier im ersten Jahr nach dem Dienst Suizid begangen. Zum Vergleich: in der Schweiz gibt es pro Jahr 1 Suizid auf 5260 Menschen. (Bundesamt für Gesundheit – 15. April 2005)

Seine Musik & er über sich selbst

Artikel in NY-Times, da steht haufenweise Zeugs, das es nicht in den Spiegelbericht gebracht hat.

Bildserie bei Indystar anderes Englisch als bei der NYT

Video - Homage an Jakob Blaylock

Sehr leiser Core i5 PC

Nun hat auch Kumpel Fank einen Core i5 PC zusammengebaut, im wesentlichen steckt das Zeugs drin, das auch bei mir verbaut wurde . Er kann fast nicht glauben, wie leise das Teil arbeitet! Zudem hat er sich für eine ATI 5850 entschieden - auch die ist im Windows Desktop Betrieb kaum hörbar, bietet bereits dx11 und sehr hohe Performance (pro Watt).
Ich war bis zum Release der 5000er Serie aus diversen Gründen gar kein ATI-Fan, die letzten 4 Jahre hatten sie nur miese Hardware produziert, die Treiber waren problemlos reproduzierbar zum Absturz zu bringen. Ende 2009 sieht's aber anders aus: mit dem 5850er wurde sehr vieles richtig gemacht. Nvidia dagegen? Die bieten ausser der GTX260 momentan bekanntlich keine zeitgemässe Grafikkarte zu einem anständigen Preis/Leistungsverhältnis. Seit September ist der Preis für GTX275 zudem um unanständige 25% gestiegen... unglaublich! Das bei einer Supermarkt-Teuerung von minus 3% im 2009 ;-)

Wer kann, soll warten bis im März/April 2010 der Nachfolge-Chip des GT-200 released wird.
Aber bitte nie vergessen!! Wer keine Spiele startet und kein Photoshop ab CS4 nutzt, soll niemals mehr als $60 für eine Grafikkarte ausgeben!
Hey - womöglich wäre der kleine Finger beim Brand Nvidia dann sogar in einer etwas maskulineren Stellung? hehe

Update Sep 2010 > Preise aktualisiert, siehe Spalte rechts

Nachfolgend der aktualisierte Vorschlag, Preise in CHF:

CPU, Intel Core i5 - 229
Board, ASUS P7P55D - 171
RAM, 2x 2GB - 125
HD Samsung F3 1TB - 104

GPU, Nvidia GTX275 - 269(329) read
GPU, ATI 5850 - 379 read

DVD Writer - 38
Case, any Case u like - 105
Power, Cooler Ma- 133
totals ~ CHF 1284.-

Windows 7 home prem 64bit - 119
Display,Samsung 2494LW - 279
CPU-Cooler, AC Freezer - 44
very nice Keyboard - 42
very nice 5star Mouse - 129


Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Modern Warfare 2 NAT strict or open

It's hard to believe how much crap is posted these days, when it comes to Modern Warfare's NAT status > strict / open.
and nope - I wouldn't turn on my router's UPnP function. Why?

To solve the MW2 issue you need to do three things only:
(described for PC but i guess it basically works for xbox and PS3 too)
  1. make sure your router ALWAYS assigns the same tcp-ip address to your computer, open your PC's command prompt and type: ipconfig /all  - the physical address is the mac address you'll need for this step - log into your router and look for "reservation" now reserve the address for your PC. (or assign addresses to all your home devices manually)

  2. in your router, look for something called Port Forwarding, then add an entry (aka add a custom service) with the following value: Forward UDP / port 28960 / "to your PC's tcp-ip address"

  3. make sure your firewall isn't blocking the incoming traffic to your application or game. Check this in the firewall advanced dialog > inbound rules
et voilà - done!

In my case I had to go through an unusual extra step. My Netgear router has an additional security feature called "NAT Filtering" > I had to change it from 'secured' to 'open' to allow things to work.
BTW if you're not happy with the given default port 28960 you may use any other available port for the PC version of MW2. In Steam right click on the game, select properties, select Launch Options. Then enter  +set net_port 61499 to tell MW2 to listen on port 61499 for incoming connections. This is helpful when your sister or brother want to host their own game within the same family network.

Short explanation
Actually you might go nuts configuring your devices! Ask your befriended computer wiz to help you with above's steps, the pro knows immediately what to do. Keep your router password and your admin account handy before he arrives at your home.

Why do you have to go through all this?
These days almost all broadband connections make use of a router. With its default setting internet works fine, but you won't be able to host services like webservers or games etc. Generally that's a good thing because it keeps your comp environment a bit safer from outside attacks. But it usually prevents you from hosting a game.

Your ISP lends you 1 TCP-IP address every time you connect to the internet, the router grabs this address. Let's call this address "A"

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Intel Core i5 CPU cooling

When I unboxed the Core i5 750 CPU I went like "huh? this tiny cooler is going to cool down this number cruncher?!" So at first I was very surprised, how quiet my Core i5 system would work. While dealing with everyday tasks such as writing protocols and reading online stuff, the boxed cooler will never turn faster than 1100 rpm, it's nearly inaudible. The main reason lies in low clock rates. The cpu would hardly ever run any of the four cores at more than 1,2 GHz - remeber: the nominal speed is 2.66 GHz with a designated possible max of 3,2 GHz for individual cores in certain situations (Intel calls it turbo frequency).

So what happens when you bring the cpu close to it's thermal limits by running more demanding tasks? The boxed cooler goes wooooOOOOOOO! The sound would annoy me to no end because suddenly the boxed cooler is rocketing to 2600 rpm. Time to look out for alternatives. Screenshot on the right shows values for Intel stock cooler / one of the cores at 3200 MHz

The Zalman product I had in mind is not available in Switzerland yet, so I bought the cheapest substitude: an Arctic Cooling Freezer Xtreme rev.2 for just CHF 44 / €28. What can such a cooler do for you? Isn't that obvious when you look at the following picture? The smaller cooler is the Intel cooler shipped with the Core i5 750.

To me it doesn't make much sense to write a lengthy review since I'm not into overclocking. Just let me tell you, that I'm totally happy with the performance of this cooler. While using firefox it runs @560 rpm (ASUS cpu cooling set to silent profile), at full load it still remains absolutely silent @1200 rpm. You really can't hear the thing at all. While I only care for the noise level - even at those low rotational speeds the cpu temperature is 10°C lower.

on the left: values for arctic cooling freezer xtreme rev.2 / one of the cores at 3200 MHz

I will soon publish a video, to let you hear the difference between the two coolers. >> Update nov 09 - done!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 announced

So it's offical now, the Xperia X10 was announced by SE and presented by pretty Ullis Norström:

You'll find the full press release and a lot of details about the device here.

I'm very surprised how accurate all the rumors and leaked pictures were! Some of us now need to decide between the X10 and the Satio. Both are packed into a very classy design, but X10's user interface brings more of Sony Ericsson's style and Android 1.6 OS, which simply has more appeal to many out there. When the phone will finally be released to the market it hopefully features Android 2.0. (since 1.5 and 1.6 still lack some common things: for one currently it's not possible to transfer files via bluetooth, because MANY of its profiles ain't supported yet. In our office that was the main method for quick phone2phone file transfer.) Update Nov 12.2009: The phone will be released with Android 1.6

But the commercial video shows something essential: we might just focus on the simple questions and cut the geek crap, does the phone look good? does the user interface look good? Is the touchscreen responsive, does the camera shoot good pictures, can we sync our appointments and address books?

Sony Ericsson however introduces the so called UX Platform, a comprehensive way, how the user can access contact information and media stored on the device, plus also on the internet. They split this function into two new productnames: Timescape for contact information and Mediascape for songs and videos; they are accessible through the infinite button. The press release tries to explain it to us - but one has to wait and see how the functionality and performance develop during the next 4 months.

Xperia X10: has Android 2.0 and a very fast cpu, no Xenon flash, display can only show surprisingly few colors, Video Recording 854*480 16:9 / xxfps, truly multitouch capable? No automatically changing Wallpaper on X10? ds ds ds well all these features will be delivered by you or the android community I guess. Then there's timescape and mediascape ... and possibly a very hefty price tag, around €600-700.
Update 26.12.2009: sample pictures and movies taken with Xperia X10 (8MP)

Satio: has Xenon flash, 12 MP (only 9MP when shooting in 16:9), Video Recording 640*480 / 30fps, superb address book and messaging client, very good value for money.

Slashgear Demo Video

for a rather complete comparison of Satio and Xperia X10 click here [sony ericsson UK]

Xperia™ X10

112.0 x 55.0 x 13.0 mm
119.0 x 63.0 x 13.0 mm


Available colours
Sensuous Black
Luster White

360x640 pixel
16,777,216 color TFT touchscreen
480 x 854 pixels WVGA
16,536 color TFT touchscreen

External screen

SanDisk microSD™ support
Phone memory 1GBSanDisk microSD™ up to 16GB, 8GB included

GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900
UMTS/HSPA 850/900/1900/2100
GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900
UMTS/HSPA 900/1700/2100

Performance GSM
Standby time:
Talk time:
Video call:
11 hours 0 min
360 hours 0 min
0 hours 0 min
0 hours 0 min
0 hours 0 min
0 hours 0 min

Performance UMTS
Standby time:
Talk time:
Video call:
4 hours 50 min
340 hours 0 min
2 hours 20 min
0 hours 0 min
0 hours 0 min
0 hours 0 min

Sony Ericsson Satio first impressions

(Update JAN 2011: don't buy this phone anymore! It's old by now - opt for Sony Ericsson Arc)

Finally Satio was released and became Wife's early Christmas present. While I stick to my C905 for now, let me give you some information on the perfect looking device. (Übersetzung, siehe unten)

The phone itself has the look of a high-value device, has good usability and very good display. No multi touch but surprisingly I don't miss that at all.
I won't write much, because it has all been covered in this review at gsmarena in great detail and with superb screenshots! I recommend that you read through the whole review, since it's been written in a balanced tone.

I can only add the following:

>> the S60WebKit browser is better than described in the review. While in a bus or train I prefer the news site's mobile versions a lot! It doesn't make sense to download and show the complete homepage of let's say washingtonpost.com; to big, to much commercial, to colorful, distracting. Why should my tiny mobile device care to render 500kB+ of data? That just doesn't make sense. This mobile version is what I want to see, and that's exactly what Satio presents by default. A major plus to me.

>> the xenon flash is phenomenal

>> the review states that Satio's on-screen QWERTY fares well. Me? I think it works like a charm, a lot better than I hoped for.

>> the high resolution screen is absolutely superb! Google maps and all the other apps have a lot of space to render onto.

>> unbelievable: while this might not be important to you, the phone even showed a correct thai font rendering for our thai mp3 tags!

What can be done better by Satio's successor?
  • better menu look & feel > more logical and prettier as we are used to by Sony Ericsson, less conservative and square à la Nokia.
  • the homescreen should offer more options (customizable icons at top and bottom)
  • divx & xvid support out of the box
  • hdmi out
  • 720p video recording
  • current camera is to grainy in low light (high iso) conditions
Currently there's no better cell phone available. Don't hesitate, it doesn't even cost all to much. Just be aware that you have to reload it every 48 hours.

Update: For me this has already changed in April 2010 > the HTC Desire is the recommended device!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Satio Sony Ericsson Theme Creator

(Updated May 18, 2010)
Of course we all purchased a Satio and are eager to create themes for it!

You too? Argh, Theme Creator 4.08 through 4.12 don't support Satio's Symbian OS yet. You might be interested in the following thread over at developer.sonyericsson.com.

For the moment we have to stick to Carbide.ui Theme Edition. read more here or in the Satio section at developer.symbian wiki

...without custom themes it already looks quite fine though!

(Update Feb 27, 2010)

A beta version is available for some days now.
Get the Beta Version here http://creations.sonyericsson.com/download
You should read Gseth' comment before using it.

(Update May, 2010)
Sony Ericsson made a new Beta Release available on it's Developer World site. It's given version 4.16 for now and can create themes for Satio and Vivaz. For description and download link go here.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What is pnaico.exe

You ran msconfig to check your Windows7's startup programs and found pnaico.exe.20FBBF0A_A7E5_4BDE_9798_9811C3D135AC.exe ? huh?
Of course you googled for pnaico.exe and only found rather weird answers.

This is what I found: It's all about having "Citrix Online plug-in" v11 installed on your system (program neighbourhood agent ico). This is by no means caused by malware. Most likely you installed this program to connect remotely to your work or campus.

and again: run "msconfig" and deactivate the two automatic startup commands as shown in the screenshot, but don't assume an attack on your comp.
That's how you get rid of the annoying Change Server dialog shown below.
You can always start the app from the start menu if you're in need later.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Core i5 System

(leises core i5 system, siehe hier)

Die Intel Core2 Duo sind in den Regalen der Händler bald Geschichte...

Seit Dienstag 08.02. sind die neuen bezahlbaren CPUs in der Schweiz lieferbar, höchste Zeit für ein Update der empfohlenen PC-Konfiguration. Das Paket ist eher teuer - kauft nur so ein Ding, wenn ihr den PC auch zum Geldverdienen nutzt! mehr Infos in diesem Posting

Tipp: Steigt nicht auf den nobrainer Vier-Kern-Hype auf, noch immer nutzen 95% der normalen Apps nicht sinnvoll mehrere CPU-Kerne simultan. Gib es zu - DU kennst keine einzige, der in den Benchmarks gennanten Programmen... ?

Trotz den neuen Compilern ist es in vielen Fällen noch immer sehr schwierig, eine Applikation auf viele Rechenkerne zu verteilen - natürlich wird diese Geschichte in Intels Pressemappen nicht thematisiert, stattdessen vergleichen sie die neuen CPUs mit einem Pentium E5300 - das kann schon fast in der Kategorie Gehirnwäsche angesiedelt werden. Haltet euch da lieber an eure bewährte Fachpublikation. [heise] (oder Anandtech, PcPerspective, etc.)

Vergleich der Fact Sheets [intel] - deine alte CPU vs die neuen bezahlbaren Core i5 & i7

Warum Core i5?
  • ähnlich günstiger Preis wie die bisher aktuellen Core2 Duo
  • macht nichts schlechter als die bisherigen CPUs
  • falls du sie abrufen kannst: viel Leistung pro Watt
  • die zugehörigen Motherboards bieten viel, sind erstaunlich günstig
  • in 1-2 Jahren skalieren viele Programme gut mit der Anzahl CPU Kerne
  • die Schachtel sieht cool aus
Warum nicht Core i5?
  • die bisher erhältlichen Core2Duo Systeme bieten schon sehr sehr viel Speed
  • heutige Sockel 775 Boards sind extrem ausgereift
  • Kannst du alle 4 Kerne auslasten? > i5 50% mehr Abwärme, noch leise kühlbar? (Update: wehe du startest ein Game. Der i5 default Lüfter schraubt auf 2500 U/Min hoch. Yup dann wird er laut! Der Lüfter wird immer sofort laut, sobald die CPU einen oder zwei Kerne in den Turbomodus schaltet. Jetzt ist er leise! Mehr Infos hier.)
  • zurzeit noch keine Boards mit SATA3, USB3

Beispiel Core i5 System Preise digitec.ch

CPU, Intel Core i5 - 239
Board, ASUS P7P55D - 175
RAM, 2x 2GB - 115
HD Samsung F3 1TB - 99
GPU, Nvidia GTX275 - 269 read
DVD Writer - 35
Case, any Case u like - 130
Power, any Brand- 100
totals ~ CHF 1162.-


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Logitech Performance Mouse MX

Beginning to look around for new mice because I want to replace my MX600. My current favorite is the upcoming Logitech Performance Mouse MX. It is overpriced but I simply need 8 to 10 mouse buttons while working in photoshop.

[image source: logitech]

Gaming mice always feature many buttons, but I hate the (zero delay) cord. THEN uuuugh their design often ranges from ugly to grotesque...
I also very disliked Logitech's MicroGear scroll wheel [pdf] when it was introduced two years ago: middle mouse button used a lot of force, tilting the wheel left and right was a pain. Now things seem to look better, tried the recent mice which come with a plastic wheel instead of one made of metal and the usability was quite ok.

Now I hope that the mouse won't weigh to much. At least it's design is very appealing, don't you think so too?
update1: In the video below something weird is announced though > "The side scroll is pressure sensitive - the harder you press the faster it scrolls sideways."
Now who the heck needs such a feature? I already keep hoping that we all can modify the driver's xml so everyone can assign whatever function to side scroll
update2: in this 9min review, a guy compares the mouse to his previous MX Revolution

track price in Switzerland [digitec]

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sony Ericsson Android

Android will be a winner in the end, but the OS is still at an early stage. So it wasn't a surprise when Sony Ericsson announced that they would go for the 2nd gen release and skip v1.1 (& 1.5?).

We have to notice that the Android market currently hosts VERY few applications, plus we all dislike the hidden bomb called google kraken - but even more we dislike the apple cult >> an overpriced mass product, from a company with questionable methodology (solved in phone's v3 though but oh you also payed twice to unlock your MP3s, plus the craziness [flickr])

What the heck am I talking about? Well the rumors around Sony Ericsson Rachael are very promising...

maybe it looks like this

eventually it hosts a snapdragon chipset

the user interface might look really cool [youtube]

UPDATE1: the product will be announced Nov. 3rd [youtube]

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sony Ericsson Satio

(Update JAN 2011: don't buy this phone anymore! It's old by now - opt for Sony Ericsson Arc)
The release date is nearing! Meanwhile you've all realized that it's project name Idou has been dropped for "Satio"
I really hope things turn out fine, since Frank, Stooves & Wife seem to be hooked on the device. Some URLs for the crowds:

good images [eprice taiwan]

long video [youtube, 6min]

internet on satio video [youtube]

fact sheet [sony ericsson]

digitec price in switzerland

interesting to me: fm radio / high resolution cam with xenon flash / microSD / can play youtube / webkit based browser / exchange active sync / no multitouch / no 720p output / unaestethic icons call for a mod / good design / good looking media browser


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Winamp theme Ebonite

There's this great looking winamp theme

Ebonite 2

a major plus is the built-in color editor, which let's you adapt winamp's colors to your wallpaper within seconds...
give it a try

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson

argh - got to know about his death, the moment the news was released in the net. Hey am I the only one around here who thinks ... Michael Jackson (1958 - 2009) was a good looking guy?! Of course I'm not talking about the recent pictures, but who cares.
Oh man - all the crap that was spread about him day and night. Others take painkillers too. How about you, did you know he was suffering Vitiligo? [all vids youtube]

I'll remember you like this - and this - and this - and weirdo-this
your music filled my teen years, thank you. RIP

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

internet media

Friends often don't seem to realize, why being a consumer of  "the internet" isn't anything bad. Media published in the internet is often much closer to reality - more authentic than your local newspaper or local tv station could ever be. It took me many years to fully understand and give into this fact.

digg.com is a complicate place - and hey it's everything else than free of special interest groups. The same goes for wikipedia.org and their forks, but when it comes to freedom of speech etc. they are lightyears beyond the currently established classic publications.

Here's a good example of media - coming to you through and because of the internet:
Digg Dialogg with Richard Branson [22 Min, original digg URL not working anymore - 06 Aug 2014]

"I'm a great believer in life, in saying yes and not saying no"
"I'm a great believer in working hard"
"you don't have the same color scheme during the whole flight"
"sadly - the death of record labels is pretty much upon us"
"time is being done, record labels are almost a thing from the past"
"because the money goes to the bands, it's not necessarily a bad thing if record companies disapear"
"elders using moral authoritiy to go and address conflicts"


Thursday, May 07, 2009

Star Trek XI

go watch this movie!
if you enjoyed any of the Star Trek episodes on TV - then
don't hesitate and go watch this movie!

I was in the first scheduled show in my hometown - my own little birthday present ;-)
totally didn't expect it to be this entertaining - truly a total surprise!!
The way the caracters are introduced and everything else... a perfect experience.

Back at home I checked in on rottentomatoes - the score is extreme! 96%

box office
official site
*spoiler alert* TRAILER don't watch it! Just head to the movies.

take a beer can with you - sit back and n'joy...

Saturday, May 02, 2009

eingelegte Gehirne

Wieder einmal ein Interview, das etwas aus der Reihe tanzt.

Holsboer: Viele Patienten akzeptieren es dankbar, wenn ich sage: Sie haben eine Stoffwechselstörung, die sich auf Ihr Befinden und Verhalten auswirkt, und die korrigieren wir jetzt. Ich werbe dafür, Depression als organische Krankheit zu sehen und nicht als etwas, wofür man sich schämen müsste. Am Magengeschwür war früher die Schwiegermutter schuld oder die Kindheit. Dann fand man heraus, es ist ein Bakterium. Das war ein schlechter Tag für die Psychoanalyse! Ich bleibe dabei: Das subjektive Erleben ist nicht grundsätzlich etwas anderes als Rheuma oder Diabetes.

...weiterlesen [spiegel.de]


Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Clocktopia - nice Windows gadgets

.free of any sense - the heck, sometimes you can't even read the time clearly
who cares
these clocks look so much better than the rest!

get them here [deviantart]

Saturday, April 04, 2009

PC Preise April 2009

Habe die Preise in der rechten Spalte aktualisiert. Kurz zusammengefasst:

Neue Grafikkarte ist drin - Nvidia GTX275. Nach allem was ich gelesen habe, ist ATI kein Thema mehr > zu hoher Stromverbrauch im Desktop-Betrieb, lauter Default-Lüfter während 3D-Betrieb. Der Fokus liegt wie immer auf "guter Preis für viel Leistung" - um Geld zu sparen kann man natürlich zu günstigeren Karten greifen: GTX260 oder GTX260^2 [digitec]

RAM ist knapp bemessen, da Vista 64bit de facto aber praktisch keine Vorteile bietet, spielt es im Moment keine grosse Rolle. Es kommt halt auf deine Hauptapplikation drauf an.
Core i5 [techpowerup] und Windows7 kommen in der zweiten Jahreshälfte. Du bist ein early adopter... dann warte doch noch vier fünf Monate. Core i7 ist nach wie vor nur ein Thema für reiche Säcke.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Windows Mobile 6.5

SE Idou ( >> video)

I am
- EXTREMELY Apple skeptic (rip-off, quick time washout, quick time a trojan for itunes, worse than MS etc.)
- iPhone skeptic (actually everything fine with it, but it's from Apple)
- disappointed by the Xperia (lame CPU, bad cam)

All of a sudden I think - hey Windows Mobile doesn't look all to bad after all...
watch the upper video [german, golem.de]
Well I'm looking forward to the presentation of Xperia2 and the next gen Androids [nvidia] - siehe auch bei heise.

Pictures of the new Sony Ericsson W995 [golem.de]
and Sony Ericsson's potential Cybershot future: Idou [golem.de]
[Idou update and videos see here]

still very happy with my SE C905 though.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Customize Firefox' Search Bar

The Firefox search bar has been the source of constant annoyance recently. Whenever I was using it, google woudn't behave as expected - all google & igoogle settings weren't applied to the results page, plus the results were served from Google Switzerland. Similar to the situation, when you don't accept the google cookie.

Believe me, I almost freaked - Google Switzerland behaves like crap, compared to google.com, nope I won't go into details here.

The cure to all this was not to choose "Manage Search Engines" within Firefox (100% futile and sterile since ff3) , but to head over to the Mycroft Project as in the old FF days. You'll find gazillions of ready to use FF search engines.

I installed "Google Search (En any unfiltered 100)" and all my problems were solved at once.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sony Ericsson SE S001

New Cybershot phone anounced in Japan:

3.3" wide screen / resolution 480 × 854 / up to 26 million colors (organic)
8MP Camera (LED flash) / up to iso 1600 / smile shutter / BestPic
capturing video in VGA: 640 × 480 (up to 90 min, 1GB)
GPS / jap. cellphone TV / three colors: black, pink, greengold
145g / lithium-ion battery 870mAh /

web presentation here
more pictures @ sony ericsson

source: sony ericsson japan

Friday, January 16, 2009

forget Steam

ai ai ai - you might have heared about the thousands angry european Steam users. Steam europe charges you this way:
$1 = €1


and now read this posting over at the steampowered forums
that's not ridiculous - it's dirty!

Buying games @ steam used to be a great experiance: it always worked fine, updates were served automatically, you could move dollars to the deserving developers - and you also got the games a tad cheaper than the boxed versions.
It's simple: using Steam since the very beginning and pushing it amongst all my friends - I feel betrayed. I won't spend money at Steam anymore until this issue is whiped away.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

don't buy

Most people I know spend waaaaaaaaay to much money on computers!

You don't know or earn money with any of the following applications?

- media creation and modern encoders h.264
- compilers
- 3d apps like Maya or blender
- most recent 2d app PS CS4 with files over 50 megs
- or see intel slide march 2010 for a list of special apps

Don't intend to use your PC for a quick game once in a while?
trailer1 (HD) /trailer2 (HD) trailer3 / trailer4 

well, DO NOT SPEND more than CHF or $700 on a PC!
more than 3gig RAM will boost your productivity close to zero
(4gigs of RAM are a tribute to gaming & Photoshop or virtualization)

THIS makes much more sense than more RAM!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Winamp Green

Did some editing of color-presets.xml for Winamp's BigBento and Modern skins. Really wanted to see how my beloved *green* suits Winamp.

BigBento TomGreen1 by ~rigelt on deviantART

TomGreen2 by ~rigelt on deviantART