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Friday, January 16, 2009

forget Steam

ai ai ai - you might have heared about the thousands angry european Steam users. Steam europe charges you this way:
$1 = €1


and now read this posting over at the steampowered forums
that's not ridiculous - it's dirty!

Buying games @ steam used to be a great experiance: it always worked fine, updates were served automatically, you could move dollars to the deserving developers - and you also got the games a tad cheaper than the boxed versions.
It's simple: using Steam since the very beginning and pushing it amongst all my friends - I feel betrayed. I won't spend money at Steam anymore until this issue is whiped away.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

don't buy

Most people I know spend waaaaaaaaay to much money on computers!

You don't know or earn money with any of the following applications?

- media creation and modern encoders h.264
- compilers
- 3d apps like Maya or blender
- most recent 2d app PS CS4 with files over 50 megs
- or see intel slide march 2010 for a list of special apps

Don't intend to use your PC for a quick game once in a while?
trailer1 (HD) /trailer2 (HD) trailer3 / trailer4 

well, DO NOT SPEND more than CHF or $700 on a PC!
more than 3gig RAM will boost your productivity close to zero
(4gigs of RAM are a tribute to gaming & Photoshop or virtualization)

THIS makes much more sense than more RAM!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Winamp Green

Did some editing of color-presets.xml for Winamp's BigBento and Modern skins. Really wanted to see how my beloved *green* suits Winamp.

BigBento TomGreen1 by ~rigelt on deviantART

TomGreen2 by ~rigelt on deviantART