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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Windows Mobile 6.5

SE Idou ( >> video)

I am
- EXTREMELY Apple skeptic (rip-off, quick time washout, quick time a trojan for itunes, worse than MS etc.)
- iPhone skeptic (actually everything fine with it, but it's from Apple)
- disappointed by the Xperia (lame CPU, bad cam)

All of a sudden I think - hey Windows Mobile doesn't look all to bad after all...
watch the upper video [german, golem.de]
Well I'm looking forward to the presentation of Xperia2 and the next gen Androids [nvidia] - siehe auch bei heise.

Pictures of the new Sony Ericsson W995 [golem.de]
and Sony Ericsson's potential Cybershot future: Idou [golem.de]
[Idou update and videos see here]

still very happy with my SE C905 though.

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