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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

internet media

Friends often don't seem to realize, why being a consumer of  "the internet" isn't anything bad. Media published in the internet is often much closer to reality - more authentic than your local newspaper or local tv station could ever be. It took me many years to fully understand and give into this fact.

digg.com is a complicate place - and hey it's everything else than free of special interest groups. The same goes for wikipedia.org and their forks, but when it comes to freedom of speech etc. they are lightyears beyond the currently established classic publications.

Here's a good example of media - coming to you through and because of the internet:
Digg Dialogg with Richard Branson [22 Min, original digg URL not working anymore - 06 Aug 2014]

"I'm a great believer in life, in saying yes and not saying no"
"I'm a great believer in working hard"
"you don't have the same color scheme during the whole flight"
"sadly - the death of record labels is pretty much upon us"
"time is being done, record labels are almost a thing from the past"
"because the money goes to the bands, it's not necessarily a bad thing if record companies disapear"
"elders using moral authoritiy to go and address conflicts"


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