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Monday, February 15, 2010

Sony Ericsson and Windows Phone 7 Series

For the longest time I thought, wow the ZuneHD user interface is by far the best looking of any mobile device currently out there! Just perfect.

aaaahhh... Today we got good news! Microsoft brings the Zune UI to phones and calls it Windows Phone 7 Series! So the next months I'm looking forward to Sony Ericsson's announcements for matching Xperia hardware in Q4 2010. I just really really hope they'll pack a decent camera with xenon flash into the thing - hdmi out for 720p vid is also very high on my wish list.

The main hardware buttons will be reduced to three: home, search and back - similar to how Symbian and Android phones work these days.
Allthough Ballmer has no objections to Adobe flash, the first release of Windows Phone 7 won't come with flash support. As does Win7, the OS itself supports multitouch for up to 4 fingers.

At the moment the videos are enough for me. If you feel like wanting to read more about the OS, I suggest this good read @ pcworld / oder auf Deutsch gibt's natürlich bei heise was zu lesen. Here's also a short introduction to the next symbian^3 > quite good looking as well.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Firefox with Windows Aero glass effects

Pretty long ago I wrote down, how one could allow Firefox to make use of Windows Vista's or Windows 7 Aero effects. Meanwhile you can choose between some glass add-ons. Basically they're all mods from the original glasser add-on.

Since the hide menubar function has been integrated into Firefox 3.6, all you need for the good looks is the All-Glass add-on. It also renders your tabs fully transparent - that's how I prefer it. To sum it all up:

  • All-Glass for the Aero effect
  • Kempelton for great looking icons
  • Scroll Zoom Button (because I'm to lazy to hit Ctrl+0 while browsing)
  • to hide the menubar > right-click and deactivate it. Press Alt to make it visible

Some of you might be interested in the Firfox 4 Mockup Theme. Allthough it looks good, to me it's still "to alpha" ...