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Friday, December 03, 2010

Spectacular Life Form

So many know so little... it's absolutely shocking. That's what I'd often think when it comes to religious discussion about the where and why.

Science does not invent new technology and laws of nature... it just discovers and visualizes what's driven us since the very beginning. We still don't know much - but we know much more than 100yrs ago. And we will come to understand a lot more in 100yrs from now.

In case you haven't noticed: a healthy personality is mainly driven by love, passion and honesty
whereas religion often leads to blindness and vicious activities.

Do you know why water at 84°C freezes faster than water that is 5°C? you don't. Currently nobody understands that. Water has many more anomalies, than the usual 4 you might have heard of in school.

Seen from the third planet in our solar system? Why the heck is the moon diameter exactly the same as the sun's ? have you ever wondered? This might not have any impact on life (yet) - but will eventually roll up how we function.

So much is yet to be discovered. Diligence and modesty help.
Try to get a hold of today's extreme news:
Spectacular Life Form - nytimes

oder auf Deutsch:
Spektakuläre Lebensform - Spiegel.de

What was it again? Why could we double life expectancy in the last 100 yrs?

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