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Friday, October 26, 2012

chillout mix

Dear friends
Once again I’ve got struck by youtube.
Being downright pinned as the last stupid retard these days, paired with the request to be a cold f/<k? Gloomy - grim. I was in for a good chillout session, implicitly mingled with great tasting beer.
Of course I set off with a classic: http://youtu.be/fK9PIoWfOu4?hd=1
Eventually the search for chillout led me to tonight's epic pearl - 3hours long - quiet & positive:

Make sure you also tune in @ 1:21  [... got the sweetest hangover]

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thai Keyboard Stickers (transparent)

For the interested - free of any deeper sense.

There's this little success story from summer 2011. Problem: our thai keyboard in the kitchen was a crappy, old, yellowed Logitech thingy. Didn't like it's clattering sound too.
Time to replace it with an excellent Digital Media Keyboard.

To add the Thai Kedmanee letters I ordered these stickers from 4keyboard hosted @amazon:
Delivery was fast, quality of the product great, its price very low.

Conan O'Brien

...coming home from work, taking a quick glance at the twitter feed.
topmost? a tweet from the best of all TV entertainers . Conan .

Anyone who says you can’t judge a book by its cover hasn’t seen the cover of “The Big Book of Huge Breasts”.

naturally - I google the mentioned title (nswf)
oh what's this - there are other such books from Taschen?
"The Big Penis book"
"The Big Butt book"
but the next title in the series?
...of course can't be called "The Big Pussy book"
pffffff go figure
odd world

Monday, September 10, 2012

nice Porsche ass

What a great looking Porsche derrière!

991 Carrera 4

btw, check out my 911 Turbo blog...

Monday, September 03, 2012

Autechre - Eutow (tri repetae)

for six years I've been using youtube with an all time login uiaiui. They track my favs and views, my likes and comments - the whole nine yards, you name it.

Tonight I check out on my wife, having a chit chat in the bathroom. She showers, I'm also checking out the android youtube app. While browsing through the suggested vids? Out of the nowhere.
wut the heck? WUT THE FRIKKING HECK??

Autechre? So this psycho youtube algorithms lead me to fav music from 15 yrs back?
Wow. I'm truly impressed.

youtube will blow away most of tv how we know it today within the next two decades

(update dec 22 2012 > the original vid was removed by the user. embeded the same song but a different vid, so u have a chance to understand what I'm blabbering about)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Windows 9

So after 25 years, Microsoft gave itself a new Logo today.
Windows 7 is perfect for everybody! Awkward Windows 8 introduces new elements which will then be brought to perfectness with Windows 9.
Surface was very well received. Outlook.com - simple, clean, appealing.

Microsoft. The new Apple.

Monday, August 13, 2012

school argh

Constantly I'm surprised that I learn so extremely much more about life, science and economy during the everyday life than I did back in school. I'm not saying school is bad, I actually find it fantastic in many ways. What bothers me, is how they put a lot of weight into rather simple tasks, that don't matter much in later life.

Here are two examples when it comes to "good motivation" and then "math"
[takes you 30-40 minutes to go through both]

Why we explore space...  a letter from 1970 to a nun

Start teaching math...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

EvenS - 8bit Stuff

pure perfectness...

! now install your fav headphones and switch to 720p will ya !
man - I'm really looking forward to bloc 2012 in London
wasn't on vacation for 14 months straight 

life is superb, we're all healthy and happy

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Android Launcher Pro on Xperia S

Android Launcher Pro Plus receives many bad reviews these days, because it isn't further developed. For the very few bucks I once spent for the product? No anger at all over here - the contrary is the case: Launcher Pro works like a charm on my new Xperia S (Android 2.6.7). How about some screenshots to illustrate my minimal design setup?

The only big drawback worth mentioning: the extremely nice Xperia Weather Widget can only be used with Sony's own Xperia launcher. But hey, my message is: personalizing your phone is fun and very satisfying! There's an adequate launcher out there for all of you.
How can still be people out there defending the "fruity" icon imposition from cupertino? it's crap ...

I'm completely aware that Launcher Pro might not work anymore with Android 4.0 ICS, but that's another story. Most likely I'll be switching to Nova Launcher by the end of june.LauncherPro works absolutely fine on top of Android 4.0.4 - currently testing Nova Launcher - it's features are very similar to LP.

homescreen  5 rows / 4 columns
all labels hidden
dark icons in the dock are self made - not downloadable yet
glass icons from MySiteMyWay

variations - many excellent wallpapers out there


Sony Xperia GX announced

There are so many likers of the Xperia Arc design out there... I believe the Xperia GX will be better accepted as a 'true' successor than the cool Xperia S. Specs and Design come in a pleasant package, it's not surprising that the phone announcement was received well so far.

Please bear in mind, that most Sony Japan releases don't make it over to europe, but I have the feeling that this will not hold true for the Xperia GX, because there are so few negative critics in the forums at this point - it would be dumb to not wide-release the phone. Might be the model LT29i, codenamed ‘Hayabusa’ - scheduled for July/August.

But then again the specs are so close to the Xperia S' ones, we just have to wait and see.

notable Specs
(taken from sonymobile japan)
  • Japan June release with Android 4.0 
  • screen: 4.55"  /  1280*720  /  LCD  / 319ppi
  • camera: 13MP back illuminated sensor, LED flash, coming with the very very handy fast startup functionality. Good: the flash was moved away from the lense (reducing a bit the chance for red-eye effect). sample pictures here
  • front facing camera has 1.3MP
  • video full HD video recording of course (let me tell you that it works surprisingly well on Xperia S)
  • 1 GB RAM, 16 GB inbuilt (?) Storage plus microSD slot... see picture below
  • lack of native hdmi port  >  coming with microUSB MHL instead
  • supporting Bluetooth 3.1 / not 4.0 as required by upcoming gadgets
  • supporting nttDocomo's 75Mbps high speed connectivity  Xi(クロッシィ)  LTE down 75Mbps, LTE up 25Mbps max. (theoretical stuff)
  •  with 127g a bit lighter than the Xperia S (144g)
  • dual core cpu @1.5GHz (S4 Qualcomm MSM8960), fed by a removable 1700mAh battery
  • btw: Felica is their wireless wallet, doesn't matter to us folks in europe

Sony Xperia GX in white and black

Sony Xperia GX parts, translated by google chrome

Xperia GX removable memory. posted without asking first - please visit the source

more pictures over at sonymobile.co.jp
 and more pictures from the launch event at ascii.jp
more pictures @ xperia freaks 

.sold out a day after the release in japan on 09 aug 12

Monday, April 09, 2012

Sony Xperia S quick review

xperia s boxWhile I was happy with my HTC Desire and the Android experience in general,  I was looking forward to a new cell phone for quite a while now.
The HTC Desire didn't have enough memory for all the new big apps and the camera quality didn't satisfy my needs.
When my wife bought a Sony Ericsson Arc I was very surprised by the device's overall performance and appearance - putting the brand into pole position for my next phone.

Xperia S unboxingWent on to preorder the Xperia S at Digitec - for a low CHF 500.-

Box content (Switzerland): USB cable, loader, 2 NFC tags (check the video below), earphones, no hdmi cable.

PROS, now that I've used it for two weeks:
+ very good looking Android customization

+  very good FM Radio (screenshots below)
+  good camera (a bit grainy in low light situations)
+  decent panorama functionality 
+  ultra short start up time for camera, very useful
+  pleasing design
+  good build quality
+  screen quality
+  surprisingly good earphone sound quality!
+  very good hdmi out support, great usability, videos in 720p
+  front facing cam for Skype video calls just works
+  finally a good Sony full keyboard offered with the Update to 4.0.4

0  4.3" screen size a bit to small for my liking
default keyboard is bad, I'm using "perfect keyboard" instead. Why they don't offer an international version of their POBox eludes me. see above

-  annoying! no support for USB mass storage mode (MTP only)
-  sometimes you hear fizzling sound during calls (bad shielding against own antenna)
-  battery performance medicore (14hours standby with all my syncing)
-  camera without HDR function
-  mail client doesn't offer a peak time off/on configuration

Xperia S launcher
launcher and widgets look good (music app is Power Amp)
Two things bother me: battery performance isn't good enough yet and the absence of USB mass storage mode > using the USB media transfer mode isn't as intuitive since it doesn't allow Windows to display thumbnails for the pictures stored on the phone.
Hey! Overall I'm very very happy with the Xperia S. I totally don't care about the nonsense quad-core and duo-core discussion. The phone never ever lacked performance. My fav game Robotek isn't a resource hog either.
Also that everybody is complaining about the absence of Ice Cream Sandwich means nothing to me. It's coming a bit later, so wut. Current Android 2.3.7 is a charm - all the apps are very nicely customized by Sony!

Xperia S FM radio
using FM radio everyday - pleased with functionality
[update to ICS made the FM radio unworkable. It has been fixed with the release release of firmware 6.1.A.2.45 on 27.08.2012]

Xperia S default keyboard
default keyboard is waisting to much space
>> Keyboard has been updated with ICS 4.0.4 release!

finally - full keyboard with dark skin

BTW: Techies should head over to duosecurity.com for a very good read about Ice Cream Sandwich's poor ASLR implementation up to release 4.0.2. Quite a letdown.
Also make sure that you read Nick Kralevich's (Android Security Team) comments in the Wrap-Up Section. Good to know Sony will use at least ICS 4.0.4 from the start.

sony xperia s panorama shot
Xperia S panorama shot (original resolution 4912x1080

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Blackmill Essential Mix Cover

Just heared this great Blackmill Essential Mix by DJ Resolute. Solid Melodic Dubstep [funny enough - I was listed as viewer 7'777 pffff].
So you saved the mix from youtube just as I did, now you're in need for a nice cover for your mp3? How about just grabbing mine:

[image source is unknown - no copyright infringement intended]

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gainward gtx 560 ti Phantom noise

I just bought a Nvidia gtx 560 ti to be able to turn details up in BF3 1920x1200. Decided for Gainward Phantom because of good reviews for their cooling concept.
Performance and general noise levels are fantastic to say the least. But hey wait! What's this weird sound coming out of my rig while having any 3d app launched?? check out the vid.

Man - considering the additional charge for the Phantom series - that's disappointing. Friend has the same problem with his identical product too. We're not returning the card, because we both usually use headphones while in games.

At least I'm perfectly happy that the card's inaudible while working with regular apps - that is 90% of the time I'm using this comp.