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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gainward gtx 560 ti Phantom noise

I just bought a Nvidia gtx 560 ti to be able to turn details up in BF3 1920x1200. Decided for Gainward Phantom because of good reviews for their cooling concept.
Performance and general noise levels are fantastic to say the least. But hey wait! What's this weird sound coming out of my rig while having any 3d app launched?? check out the vid.

Man - considering the additional charge for the Phantom series - that's disappointing. Friend has the same problem with his identical product too. We're not returning the card, because we both usually use headphones while in games.

At least I'm perfectly happy that the card's inaudible while working with regular apps - that is 90% of the time I'm using this comp.


  1. Hello there Mr. Rigelt!

    I've been searching the webs and stumbled upon your blog. Seems I have the exact same problem!
    I have a Gainward GTX570. The sound started a few days ago and it only starts in 3d-apps such as games or 3d software. Really annoying =p
    I was afraid it was because I had my BCLK set to 103 in the bios. Have you made any changes that might have caused it? Have you found any explanation? - Thanks! / Daniel

  2. Hi Daniel
    Unfortunately I don't know yet, what causes the noise. Most youtube commenters say it's coil whine, but I'm still skeptical about that. Mainly because I don't know how the modern integrated voltage converters work. Anyway: I decided to not RMA the thing because I'm generally happpy with the product and always wear headphones while in BF3. While playing 1080p youtube videos the noise is not loud enough to exit the computer case. So I'm ok at the moment.
    Cheers, Tom