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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Logitech Performance Mouse MX

Beginning to look around for new mice because I want to replace my MX600. My current favorite is the upcoming Logitech Performance Mouse MX. It is overpriced but I simply need 8 to 10 mouse buttons while working in photoshop.

[image source: logitech]

Gaming mice always feature many buttons, but I hate the (zero delay) cord. THEN uuuugh their design often ranges from ugly to grotesque...
I also very disliked Logitech's MicroGear scroll wheel [pdf] when it was introduced two years ago: middle mouse button used a lot of force, tilting the wheel left and right was a pain. Now things seem to look better, tried the recent mice which come with a plastic wheel instead of one made of metal and the usability was quite ok.

Now I hope that the mouse won't weigh to much. At least it's design is very appealing, don't you think so too?
update1: In the video below something weird is announced though > "The side scroll is pressure sensitive - the harder you press the faster it scrolls sideways."
Now who the heck needs such a feature? I already keep hoping that we all can modify the driver's xml so everyone can assign whatever function to side scroll
update2: in this 9min review, a guy compares the mouse to his previous MX Revolution

track price in Switzerland [digitec]

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  1. The feature about working on glass (darkfield) is phenomenal. Great feature. It should be in every wireless mouse.