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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sony Ericsson Satio

(Update JAN 2011: don't buy this phone anymore! It's old by now - opt for Sony Ericsson Arc)
The release date is nearing! Meanwhile you've all realized that it's project name Idou has been dropped for "Satio"
I really hope things turn out fine, since Frank, Stooves & Wife seem to be hooked on the device. Some URLs for the crowds:

good images [eprice taiwan]

long video [youtube, 6min]

internet on satio video [youtube]

fact sheet [sony ericsson]

digitec price in switzerland

interesting to me: fm radio / high resolution cam with xenon flash / microSD / can play youtube / webkit based browser / exchange active sync / no multitouch / no 720p output / unaestethic icons call for a mod / good design / good looking media browser


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