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Sunday, January 31, 2010

No Adobe Flash in iPad and iPhone

Media is full of possible answers why Apple hardware doesn't support Adobe Flash. Mr Jobs goes on pointing out bugs and stuff. Makes me angry. Use your common sense people.
If their devices would support flash: endless games would be available for free, endless music vids would be available ... for free. A serious threat to their revenue plan and app store delusion I guess.

all Flash bashers should consider:
- it brought sound to the mainstream internet
- animation for the masses
- video for everyone without additional plugin
- first to bring HD Vid to the masses (no breakthrough for the divx plugin)
- first internet mainstream app to access my GPU's power for HD vid decoding

So everyone thinks all current devices will render HTML5 easily? doh.
maybe in two years from now. html5 rendering asks for a lot processing power
whereas flash works TODAY.

While Jobs' hardware does a lot of other things right, I personally have a problem with Apple's arrogance.

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