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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Firefox with Windows Aero glass effects

Pretty long ago I wrote down, how one could allow Firefox to make use of Windows Vista's or Windows 7 Aero effects. Meanwhile you can choose between some glass add-ons. Basically they're all mods from the original glasser add-on.

Since the hide menubar function has been integrated into Firefox 3.6, all you need for the good looks is the All-Glass add-on. It also renders your tabs fully transparent - that's how I prefer it. To sum it all up:

  • All-Glass for the Aero effect
  • Kempelton for great looking icons
  • Scroll Zoom Button (because I'm to lazy to hit Ctrl+0 while browsing)
  • to hide the menubar > right-click and deactivate it. Press Alt to make it visible

Some of you might be interested in the Firfox 4 Mockup Theme. Allthough it looks good, to me it's still "to alpha" ...

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