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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Logitech mouse click not working

After years we all faced the following problems with all our Logitech mice...
  • double click not working anymore
  • left click hardly ever working
  • click-dragging resulting in unpredictable results
  • single mouse click registered as double click
  • etc.
In most cases we just have to clean the inside of the micro-switch and all problems vanish. My 6 yrs old son helped me out this time:

important: read the comments before you disassemble anything.
sometimes you solve the situation by just blowing into the mouse.
or by following these Logitech instructions:  trapped static energy

also: you will void your warranty by going through this.
In my case? ...couldn't care less, the pictured mouse is from 2007.

I'd say the pictures are self-explanatory, some of you might want to remove the battery as the starting step.
Richard has some more information posted here, plus there's another site with similar info and more pictures. I hope this was useful...



  1. Excellent tutorial. Unfortunately I found it after I had fixed my MX-500. I think my problem was a hair between the contacts.

    I did not use a tong to open the buttons. Instead I used a thin needle. You have to insert it near one of the two hooks and the case will pop up very easily. It's probably much less destructive than using force with the tong.

    You have to be very careful with the metal plates that can be pressed down to close the circuit. I accidently released mine. It took me 3 hours and maybe 200 attempts to figure out how to reattach them!! It was like Hell.

    Also be careful with the small white nipples. They fall out if you open the button's case. Don't lose them!

  2. Thanks mate for this post. I was ready to dismantle the mouse using the brick wall method. The main problem I had was that the teflon friction pads and the adhesive tape on the base had separated hiding the screws. Your pictures gave me the missing piece in the puzzle. Thanks again.

  3. Thanks you very much, finally I got ride of the double click issue. To clean the contact I used a peace of paper with alcohol. Had also the problem with the adhesive under friction pad, I toke my nail with more force to go under adhesive too avoid separation between friction pads and adhesive. Hope this help other.

    1. After a year got the same problem, so got through the same cleaning exercise. This time I add little peace of electrical tape around the black box... hope this will prevent dust to go inside the switch.

  4. I read this article with the same double-click problem. After reading that it might be some dirt futzing with the contacts, I decided to be lazy and just blow really hard into the gaps between the plastic. Mouse works fine now. :)

  5. @servbot_kill > it's so obvious, never thought of this first step! Thx for mentioning.

  6. Worked like a charm!! Thank you so much for this tutorial

  7. very thanks for!

  8. I love u servbot_kill!! I was also dreading having to open my mouse. I saw your post and just blew really hard into the gap where my mouse wheel was and it fixed it!!! Knowledge is power!

  9. Also had that problem for some week or two. Finally today it started to be really annoying. I searched the net and found this photo tutorial. I assumed it was the dirt causing it but never thought that simply blowing into it will help. But it did. Thanks guys

  10. Wow - the power of the internet. After weeks of frustration I too discovered this post. I was going to tackle the 'taking the mouse apart' tutorial - and luckily I read further and discovered the fix. Blew really hard - and mine works too now! Thanks!

  11. Excellent tutorial. I have an "Anywhere MX Logitech mouse", and I had the same problem. The left click do not works sometimes. Two times. The first time, I have been gone to the shop, and complain to the seller, and him has change the product for me. But, 3 months later, the other new mouse had the same problem. I no longer have the same confidence in the brand logtech. Now, I will try to fix it following this steps. Thank you very much. Sorry by my poor english, I am Brazilian

  12. You're my hero!!
    I couldn't fix the mouse wheel problem but the super annoying clicking problem is gone :)

  13. The mx 600 doesn't have screws..... You can't take it apart like that....i have bought an mx performance in 2 years i had the same problem, got the thing apart and changed the left and right parts, so now my left botton is not working verry well, but i have other buttons that work and are better possitioned, but i want my mx 600 to be usefull again cuz it's much better than the the mx performance, is more silen and has better ergonomics.....doe's anyone have a DIY on how to open it?

  14. Hello Thomas. Sorry to hear about your problems. I also own an MX600 and it opens as shown in the first picture. When you remove the teflon slider pad it sometimes strips into two pieces: the sliding part and the sticky part. The sticky thing will be stuck to the mouse and give you the impression, that there are no screws - but they're there. Try using a sharp knife that really goes under the sticky pad too. Good luck. .:tom

  15. Nice tutorial thanks for sharing with us