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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Moderat - Rusty Nails

A few weeks back my bro invited me to an aphex twin gig in Bristol this march - I was like huh?  ... well uh - okay?

Up until today I had no clue what this is all about, he booked flights, rooms and bought many tickets. Then he sent me these URLs today and I'm TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY!!! Makes me think: if I can help my kids believe in only a very few things then I hope this includes:
work very hard and share - be authentic - learn to identify true beauty

Bloc weekend - the perfect teaser

vitalic - live at bloc

moderat - live at bloc

describing the next song, elefanti 400 on youtube put it like this:
"when the angel of immortality apparat, and the angel of infinity
modeselektor met, a new universe arised. it is? called Moderat and one of
their planets is called rusty nails. it is just godlike"

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