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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sony Ericsson Arc

Wife wants to replace her Sony Ericsson Satio because sometimes it just behaves really weird - every week it happens once that you can't pick calls or one can hardly hear her talking (crash related!), the symbian user interface also turned out to be very unintuitive etc.
From all devices her friends are using she likes Xperia X10 the most > for the simple reason, that its design is appealing! Via my HTC desire it's also clear, that Android  usability is fantastic. Requesting: good product design, multitouch and Android? We're currently looking forward to the recently announced Sony Ericsson Arc!

It also features:
  • large screen | 4.2"
  • respectable cam | 8MP backround illuminated sensor
  • decent battery pack | 1500mAh
  • hdmi out | all videos easily presentable on tv
  • robust Gingerbread
  • fm radio

    the rest is nonsense geek stuff that doesn't bother her the least (for example two microphones which will provide noise canceling during phone calls). All together it seems to be a cool gadget, fusing tons of technical stuff with an appealing jacket...   let's see where it goes from here
    Price @digitec is extreme! >> chf 799.- reasonable chf 569.-

    more information can be found here:

    more pictures: google image search
    launch article at sony ericsson blog with commercial videos

    technical specifications at sony ericsson / at GSM arena

    hey this video seems cool to me - also spotted our bedroom tv in it LOL:

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    1. "Pulse" newsfeed reader für android zu empfehlen für dich, deine posts sehen da toll aus :)