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Monday, June 20, 2011

Android 4 - Nexus Rumors

[Update 19.10.11 Been really busy from 0600 through 2300 and ... missed all the great news of course. But then again, Android 4 seems to be even better than expected, so I'm happily looking forward to the upcoming hardware greatness, which will be announced in the coming weeks. What really bothers me, is that wife and kids are angry because of the long away time /]

(btw: i made above's pic - how about backlinking?)

Coming to you October 11th October 19th
livestream on youtube.com/android @ 10:00 HTK

Since the announcement we often get to read that the next Android release will be merging together the Android 2.x and tablet Android 3 branches to one release, handling all display resolutions with a Honeycomb style user interface (Update 19.09.11: YES it will - read through this dev post.)  . There's no official word on the naming of that next release - call it Android 4 - Android 2.4 with Kernel - Ice Cream Sandwich - Android 3.4 - whatever. The next release is being told to bring new
  • face recognition features
  • better multitasking
  • better video conferencing
  • USB hosting
  • new launcher / new UI
  • a lot of goodies for developers!

Reading about all the next Nexus phone rumors? Man they are insane to say the least. I don't even want to name the sources, other than "the net"  ... it just doesn't make all to much sense at the moment. Altogether I belief that we're dealing with Android 2.4 rather than Android 4, we'll just have to wait and see.
Read for your amusement only and drool on. Android 4 stuff will be added here once the news condense in a more rational context.

Nexus 3 aka Nexus Prime promoting Android 4 - rumor summary as of june 2011
  • display 720p - 4 inch  (1280*720)
  • cpu Snapdragon 'krait' dual core, 1.2 to 1.5 GHz (or TI OMAP 4460)
  • gpu? (integrated into OMAP is the PowerVR SGX540)
  • 1 GB memory
  • of course with NFC and the whole rest
  • Hardware might come from LG > nexus 3 teasers like this one are wide spread
  • if the hardware comes from Samsung then we might face a 4.65 inch Amoled display in a device called GT-i9250. 1280x720 | 5MP cam 

What does that mean to me?
  • Wife's Arc is close to perfect. Great camera, perfect hdmi out, good design
  • Samsung? I don't like how they clone the iphone over and over, hardware is superb though
  • HTC Sensation reviews don't make me fully happy - camera and product design not adequate
  • LG firmware still featuring some weird bugs, bad launcher
  • Sony Ericsson and HTC released commitments to unlocked bootloaders
  • ...still being very happy with my HTC Desire?
  • hardly ever missing any Android functionality other than a really good camera?
  • not being an OS Upgrade Junkie?

I would like to see a Sony Ericsson Arc successor, with dual core to support vast media options, front facing camera, edge to edge display and the next Android release in Q1 2012. (Nope I'm not talking about the ST18i). So I guess that I won't buy the next Nexus.
[Update 13.07.] I just checked for news about the Sony Ericsson Duo. Head over to IBT Tech section for a good roundup. In Japan it might be released as the Nozomi ...
[Update 31.08.] today Sony Ericsson announced the "Arc S" single core CPU with 1.4 GHz. I guess that's not the successor I'm wating for but certainly a great device.

announced 09. January 2012: the Xperia S. Quite neat. Probably my next phone. click here for an overview of the phone's specs. (yup, fm radio with rds is included)


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  1. really hope they dump the honeycomb interface.reasones:
    1. do you know how many times i've mistakenly pressed the bottom buttons?
    let the hardware have real buttons.
    2.it has bottom toolbar that always takes space. i want full screen games. this is not possible with hardware that doesn't have any buttons.
    3.the way it shows the running/recent apps is weird. why list a part of them instead of showing all of them in a grid like view?