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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

good music

Bought Sony Ericsson Arc for Wife a month ago. Overall impression is superb, especially the HDMI connectivity works like a total charm! Enough Tech bla-bla

This post is meant to be about perfect media. Dubstep - indie music at it's best. Brought to your inner cores through your precious audio gear  [bro, other bro, me]

focus! distraction by the noise is fatal - the level of perfection is extremely high. Very hard to accomplish in arts. On par with my other favorites, ie Johnny Cash's interpretation of Hurt.  go on, assimilate your headphones and click play below...
manually select 720p!

Beyond the airlock by korejekt (aka bro Remo)
"commander, there is something outside of our ship." - "i heard the rumors. the spacewalkers all believe it's the Geist."

bullet proof (Foamo Dubstep Remix)  >>  480p!

Adele - Set Fire to everybody  > 720p


Flight Facilities - Crave you (Adventure Club dubstep remix)


Jawnae - Welcome to Rock City > 720p


Preview: More monsters & Sprites  >>  480p!

the remix EP available on Beatport June 7 and iTunes June 21

Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites >>  360p!
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